Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mellow Yellow: 7 Soothing Apartments with Sunny Accents

Mellow Yellow: 7 Soothing Apartments with Sunny Accents - Yellow can easily be a polarizing color. Some individuals would certainly love nothing more compared to to wake up to a room full of the bright, sunny shade while others keep it from their homes altogether. Thankfully for the rest of us, it is feasible to discover a happy medium. The seven apartments featured in this guide use pops of yellow – some subtle and some bold – to take the most effective that the color has actually to offer without making their living rooms look like th adverse of a school bus. Take a look inside these stylish, modern homes and get hold of some ideas about how to incorporate this joyful color in to your house.

The initial home is a sleek and simple apartment that keeps its lines smooth and its overall color story neutral. However, woven throughout the cool beige and natural wood elements is the idea of yellow. Subtler elements include a splash of throw pillow and a few buds in a vase, while bolder choices are the long, heavy curtains and even the staircase to the upper level.

The second apartment uses much paler shades to a pretty soothing and almost retro effect. The buttercup yellow area rug in the living room plays along with the yellow patterned throw pillow, yet they don’t actually match. The result is a warm and cozy feeling that’s simply mismatched enough.

In the next apartment the yellow is much more subtle. Focus in the living room area is pulled to an extra comfy-looking yellow chair piled over along with pillows. The through line happens as the yellow carries over in to a small adverse table and single pillow left on the sofa, almost (yet not quite) on accident.

Yellow upholstery is an especially bold choice in this living room. A soft velour sofa in a bright, mustard yellow gives off a 70’s vibe without any of the tackiness. A casually tossed pillow in the bedroom brings that decadent color in there as well.

Yellow paint is an easy method to refresh a space that’s feeling tired. In this home, a yellow accent wall coupled along with a single yellow light fixture produce a mod theme. More yellow paint made its method in to the bedroom and bathroom to provide a unified feeling.

Another yellow sofa in this apartment is simply as bright, yet without the soft texture feels more modern. It works well along with the black, white, and grey theme in the rest of the house. In the kid’s room and bath, a teal and orange in the same tone as the yellow creates a bit more interest.